Mike Pence vs. Alexander Hamilton….

Okay, so it’s been a little bit of time since V.P. Elect Mike Pence went to Broadway with his family. I’ve been able to take some time, hear some pro- and con- arguments, and gather some perspective on the whole event. So, let me speed you to the conclusion first, then explain my reasoning: It’s much ado about nothing. Was it “rude”? Probably not so much “rude” as “boorish”. But this is to be expected of the Left as we transition from the most Progressive administration in recent times to (what I like to call) Reality. 

If you sit and think about the particular comments that were made by the actor after the show, they make perfect sense given the Left’s hysterics both pre- and post-election. These are people that live in the proverbial echo chamber, hearing things like “racist”, “misogynist”, “white-nationalist”, etc. They listen to those terms like the lyrics to a catchy song, don’t put too much time or research into them, then they’re humming the tune with the rest of their brethren. How can the rest of us vote for such men, they ask. We can, because we actually take the time to listen to more than just the drumbeat of the mass media. Fairly quickly, those terms are disproven, leaving one with the realization that (a) the media cannot be trusted and (b) the fact that the Left blindly adheres to such lies makes their point of view now less valuable – which is the real shame. Instead of being able to have a healthy debate, based on facts – the Left has been relegated to shouting bumper-sticker slogans at people enjoying a night out at the theatre with their family. Sad, really. 

Furthermore, since Mike Pence has not event taken office yet, hasn’t said anything objectionable since the election, really…what are they “objecting” to? They’re actually objecting to the Election. Which is over and done with. America DID have a dialogue on those issues that the Left find important and at the end of that dialogue, they voted and the Left was sent packing. To complain between now and the inauguration is simply sour grapes. Further marginalizing the message and the messenger, I’m afraid. If the Left wants to be taken seriously again, they need to stop reading their own histrionic pre-election bullet points and focus on reality. There are far too many issues that are facing ordinary American’s to let the dialogue meander until those issues are resolved. Taxes. Health Insurance. National Security. All of those trump the social issues facing America – Yes, even the really important ones like Immigration, Equality and Climate Change. After all, there is precious little in resolving those issues if we don’t have an America to call home or a citizenry that can afford basic needs and wants…..


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