Elizabeth Warren: Everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party

So, President Trump has yet to even be sworn in and already the real “obstructionists” are out in full force. From distraught millennials that were fed pablum that the world will end if Donald Trump won the election, to Silicon Valley Elitists that are looking at possible Russian hacking of vote results (the same people that told us that was impossible when DJT raised it several months beforehand) to now the jockeying for position in the (failing) Democratic Party ‘leadership”. First, Nancy Pelosi being challenged in her role – not by a more centrist or moderate candidate, but by a more leftist one (if you can believe it), Tim Ryan (D) Ohio. When I heard that, I imagined that was a little like coming to the conclusion that after a plane crash, the solution was to push the nose of the plane toward the ground at a steeper angle, but whatever. Not my problem.

What IS a problem, however, is that certain members of the Democratic Party have decided that in order to make a name for themselves, they are going to try and create tempests in a teapot whenever possible. The latest example is the lying Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. Apparently, she wants an “investigation” into the Trump Transition team because it appears to her, “chaotic” and a possible “abuse of tax payer dollars”. Huh? Seriously? An abuse of tax payer dollars like the current President criss-crossing the country stumping for Hillary Clinton? That kind of waste of taxpayer dollars?

Ladies and Gentleman. Whatever your political persuasion, this is EXACTLY the kind of old-school politicking that we can no longer tolerate. For the Democratic Party to be successful in the future, it needs to ditch people like Senator Warren – move more centrist and beat the Republican Party (whatever that really is now, I’m not sure) at their own game. As long as Democrats tolerate lying and divisiveness (yes, not the right, but the left is divisive) then they will continue to be rejected by the electorate.


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