To Romney or Not to Romney….

So, there seems to be a bit of a tempest in a teapot (or is it more than that?) over at the Trump Transition Team. Apparently, the group is divided over whether Mitt Romney went too far in his criticism of Donald Trump during the Republican primaries – even going so far as to call Trump a “con man”.

My feelings are thus: IF Mitt Romney REALLY felt that way about DJT, he should NOT even be considering a position in his administration. If Trump is a ‘con-man’, then by extension, Romney would be one too as a spokesperson for the administration. However, I don’t believe Mitt ever really felt that way. Like most of his adversaries, Trump has a habit of getting under ones skin (basket of deplorables, anyone?). Mitt was trying to get back at Trump for the numerous things he said about Romney. If the two of them can patch things up, what does it matter to us? I’d rather have someone that opposed Trump, but is a Republican at heart, than a Democrat.

Personally, I don’t think Mitt Romney would make a great Secretary of State. I think of him as another John Kerry. Statesman for a bygone time. This is a new world, and it requires a more forthright face of America to the world. I would have preferred a Bobby Jindal or a Newt Gingrich to Mitt. I think we need someone who is both smart and fast on their feet. Mitt (unfortunately) proved that he’s a smart guy, but not quick enough for this game.

I understand what Trump is trying to do, bring the mainstream back into the fold – I just think there are other ways to do it. If Romney really wants a position in the cabinet (I highly doubt he would accept anything other than Secretary of State), then I’d be onboard. He brings a wealth of knowledge, stability, credibility and class to whatever position he would acquiesce to.

Ultimately, we who voted for DJT have to trust his instincts. If he’s good with Romney, than so am I.



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