Dear President-Elect Trump: Stop F*cking Tweeting!

OMG. It’s enough to make you want to turn the Internet off. DJT tweeting again – this time with completely unsubstantiated (at least at this point) accusations that there were “millions” who voted illegally. Note that he didn’t say “voted illegally for Democrats”, justed “voted illegally”. So, if we take him at face value, does he want a do-over? Is he not happy with the results? Would it not be wise to keep ones mouth shut and move on? Frankly, I had feared this comment ever since I started hearing grumblings from the left about how they’d won the popular vote. Hey, subtract California from the totals and you lost the popular vote….by a wide margin. But we can’t ‘not count’ California, right? Exactly, just like we can’t ignore the fact that the popular vote total is irrelevant, so why even bring it up? I’ll tell you why: It’s the cornerstone of the Dems new strategy. Let me explain.

First of all, almost immediately after the election, I happened to catch Rush Limbaugh who made a passing comment about the popular vote and that IF you go back in subsequent months and years, you will find that many, many “illegals” voted. Perhaps even in the millions. Now, Limbaugh was referring to illegal immigrants. His hypothesis (and it is a good one, although not proven) was that the Dems had so whipped up the illegal immigrant community, that many viewed it as a last-ditch efforts of sorts for them to take the risk and vote to keep Trump out of office. Sounds plausible, right? After all, if you are already risking you and your family by being in this country illegally, what are the possible ramifications for voting compared to that? If Hillary had won: Nothing. The problem is, it’s just conjecture and hard to prove without scrubbing the data using eyeballs and that takes time and money. Right now, neither the Democrats or the Republicans really want that question answered, but they’ve been forced into an awkward position by the Green Party and Jill Stein. After-all, she has nothing to lose, right? But IF it can be demonstrated that a significant portion of “illegals” (and I’m defining that as people who were not legally allowed to vote) did indeed vote and did so with little complication, then it would bolster right-wing arguments that voting is too lax and needs to be tightened up. Of course, Republicans stand to lose the Presidency IF the illegal voting turned out to be in favor of Trump (most unlikely, but it’s been that kind of year, hasn’t it?)

So back to the cornerstone of the Dems new strategy moving forward. It’s simple, really. It’s to discredit a Trump administration as an aberration. Delegitimize it from the start. Be able to say, in that condescending tone that Hillary and Nancy Pelosi so mastered “we know we really won the election, we’ll fix it in four years, just sit tight until then….” And towards that end, a brief recount of the vote totals in hotly contested swing states is a good idea. As long as it doesn’t go too far – which it’s increasingly looking like it might, which would backfire for the Dems. Which is most likely why Trump tweeted what he did – letting Dems know that if you REALLY want to look at votes, let’s do it…..not just count the totals. Is DJT crazy? Maybe. But maybe, just maybe, he’s crazy like a fox…..


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