Election, part deux.

So, apparently, the brainiac that is Jill Stein (who, you ask? – She was the Green Party candidate for President in this past U.S. Election cycle) decided, on her own and for no apparent reason (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to challenge election results in three key battleground states. Well, not key battleground states for her, per se, since she got almost no votes in those states, but key nonetheless for the two main party candidates. She even asked Wisconsin to do a HAND recount of the results, as she doesn’t trust the electronic tallies. Wisconsin promptly refused, because she has no evidence of any sort of tampering (didn’t hear about THAT on NBC Nightly News, but you DID hear about Trump’s allegations with “no proof” didn’t you?). So, to review, we have an irrelevant candidate, who is forcing an election recount, despite the fact that she has 1% of the vote and cannot possibly win, doing so of her own volition, and raising more money in DAYS than she was able to raise in MONTHS and MONTHS in order to do so. Sound plausible to you? Yeah, me neither. So, if Jill Stein isn’t really behind this, then who has any possible motive to benefit from a recount and has gobs and gobs of donors willing to shell out serious capital to help? If you said this smells like a Clinton – you’d be right.

So, at the risk of sounding like a WestWorld Reddit thread, let me lay out some possible reasons for the Clinton camp to have their hands in these events. First, it changes the narrative away from the Trump transition to one that they much prefer: Donald Trump the Reactionary. Get under his skin and it’s always a good bet that he’ll respond, most likely on Twitter – which he already did. If you’re lucky, he’ll say something that is provocative and then further shifts the storyline away from his preferred narrative to yours. Guess what? It’s working. Already I’m hearing MORE about Trumps “baseless claims of voter fraud” and LESS about Jill Stein’s implied voter fraud suggestion.

Second, and I mentioned this elsewhere – even if the recount accomplishes NOTHING (and there is a 99.9% probability that it won’t), it still serves to emphasize the notion among the left that Donald Trump is an “illegitimate” President. Sure, he won the Electoral College, but it was such a narrow margin of victory, that it really should be more like a tie, which would presumably go the HRC because, after all, it was her turn and all. For God’s sake, how could George Clooney, Samuel L. Jackson, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, Cher and…..gasp…..Lady GaGa all be wrong! Impossible!

Lastly, it serves as notice to the Right that the Left will not go quietly in to that good night. They will use subterfuge, cunning, proxies and surrogates to accomplish indirectly what they could not directly. Don’t underestimate the Left. For all of their bellyaching about being the party of inclusion and unity and understanding – they are really much, much, much more sleazy than the Right ever was. The first time you allow yourself to believe that the Left is dead and buried, they’ll pull a Barack Obama out of their arseholes and stun you with a one-two punch to the noggin. By the time you recover your senses, eight long years has gone by…..


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