Why we’re all sick of politicians…..

Ultimately, there were a myriad of reasons that America elected Donald Trump to the Presidency. Almost as many reasons as there were people that voted for him. However, there were some common threads: People valuing economics over social justice issues and a general dislike of politicians and political-speak. Probably the most stark difference between the Clinton and Trump campaign styles was that Trump said things as he saw them and didn’t use a lot of jargon to mince words. Hillary, not so much. In fact, when Hillary did try and speak the “common tongue” as it were, it often came across as disingenuous or phony. Sometimes even condescending (remember the ‘wipe my server – you mean with a cloth because it’s dirty’ attempt at humor? Yeah – that wasn’t good).

A really great example of that is playing out before our very eyes and it serves to highlight the problem with Washington Beltway politicians and how they’re disconnected from the country as a whole. The funny thing is that it comes in the form of a candidate who claimed she was from outside the political spectrum – Jill Stein – and her recount effort. Well, I say ‘her’ recount effort – it is in fact a amalgam of Left wing persons and groups, most of which want to remain as seemingly neutral or opposed to the idea, but still supportive behind the scenes. While there are various benefits to these individuals and groups (real and perceived), the main takeaway is that they think they have nothing to lose by doing so. In fact, they’re quite wrong.

Donald Trump recently tweeted (ugh) something to the effect that “millions of illegal votes had been cast”, presumably most of which were in favor of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The response by the media (and others) was swift and clear: There was no proof of this outrageous claim. In fact, the Left (and by extension, the media) has been vehemently opposed to any sort of voter ID laws on the basis that it was unnecessary because there was no proof of any widespread voter fraud. The courts have tended to side with them on this issue by utilizing that very argument: No proof of widespread voter fraud. Okay, so to be clear, the Left says there is No Voter Fraud. Perfect. So, one would think, after an election (regardless of the outcome) they would be the LAST group to claim VOTER FRAUD. In fact, that is EXACTLY what they are ALLEGING without any PROOF. The only difference is that in Trumps case, he merely tweeted it – whereas in their case, they are spending millions of dollars and countless man hours to prove (one can argue) that they indeed lost the election. Wow. Awfully sporting of them, no? One can assume that had they won the election, they would be spearheading the exact same recount effort – just to be sure that they had indeed won, fair and square? Doubtful.

This all gets back to WHY AMERICAN’S DON’T TRUST POLITICIANS. If you say it: Do it. That simple. When Trump was asked during the debates if he would accept the outcome of the election if he lost, he did not say “Yes”. He said “we’ll have to see at that time…”. That was an honest answer. Didn’t score him any points with the media or the Left at that time, but it was the truth. How refreshing. HRC’s answer was a lie. She said she WOULD accept the outcome, now her actions tell us differently. What is the takeaway for the American people? Politicians Lie. HRC Lied. DJT is NOT a politician.

Look, I have no problem with Jill Stein exercising her rights under the law. Frankly, the laws should (and will) be changed so that someone who got such a staggeringly small number of votes can’t challenge an election post facto, but as of right now, she can. My problem is with those on the Left that are fomenting such a P.R stunt – I’m looking at you HRC and George Soros. At the end of all of this, all people will remember is that HRC was a sore loser. No one is going to remember the name Jill Stein four years from now. America will chalk it up to just another politician speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Give Donald Trump this: He speaks what’s on his mind…..good, bad or indifferent. Let’s just hope that he continues to be honest with the American people and keep his word.


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