Charlotte police officer justified in shooting. Rioters once again proven wrong.

So, stop me if you’ve heard this story before: A police officer confronts a black suspect. There is an altercation. The officer shoots and kills the suspect. “Witnesses” appear out of the woodwork and tell a story that is contradictory to the officers. The streets erupt in violence and a renewed call by groups like Black Lives Matter demand justice and say it’s yet another example of police brutality. Case closed, right? As we’ve seen time and time again – the narrative being provided by subversive groups like BLM turns out to be not so true under the spotlight of critical reasoning.

In this case, the suspect who was shot was armed (even though his family denied it – multiple pieces of evidence contradicted their story). The officer that confronted him (who was black, if that makes a difference) gave him 10 opportunities to comply – all of which he ignored. The officer acted well within the scope of his authority and responsibility for the safety of other officers and the public.

Maybe those rioters will apologize. Maybe someone from BLM will come forward and admit they didn’t have all of the facts before they opened their collective mouths. Don’t hold your breath…..they’re already looking for the next tragedy to shape and mold into their fictional narrative. Don’t buy in to it. 


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