The Left lies about firearms yet again…

In case you didn’t see the brief blurbs on mainstream media sites, former failed Democratic V.P. Candidate Tim Kaine said that the recent terrorist attack by a man of Somali descent against students at Ohio State University was another “senseless act of gun violence”. Only problem with that statement was that the perpetrator didn’t use a gun. Or even have a gun. In fact, he used his car and a butcher knife to inflict carnage. I guess Mr. Kaine just had that tweet on speed dial and was itching to use it.

Just let it serve as a reminder of the Left’s favorite tactic: Get ahead of a story, craft the facts to fit your narrative, then move quickly on to the next topic before you can be proven wrong. Bam. Also remember that ‘lying’ is not a bad thing on the left. From Bill Clinton, to Hillary, to Elizabeth Warren, to the Democratic National Committee – all liars proven.


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