Mark today down: The Left is corrected by one of their own….

So, this little nugget slipped by unnoticed by most accounts – Anderson Cooper, on his CNN show “Anderson Cooper 360”, was interviewing Sen. Elizabeth Warren from the great state of Massachusetts (where they continue a fine tradition of promoting the worst of the bunch to the highest positions possible). In that interview, Sen. Warren dropped the term “White Supremist” when referring to Steven Bannon – the former Breitbart guy, guru of Trumps campaign and now “White House Strategist” – whatever that means. Shockingly – Cooper put the brakes on. Read some of the transcript below:

COOPER: Do you approve of any of the president-elect’s cabinet picks today?

WARREN: Well, you know, I don’t know. Today he just talked about having the U.S. attorney, Preet Bharara, down, and I think Preet is a pretty terrific guy. So, maybe it will turn out that he’ll have one of these appointments. I don’t know at this point.

COOPER: But no one he’s selected so far?

WARREN: Well, look, so far, what we have seen is that Donald Trump has doubled down on racism and bigotry. He’s got as his strategic adviser, a person who is a white supremacist and he’s now doubling down —

COOPER: Wait a minute. There’s no evidence he’s a white supremacist. He obviously — you know, there’s people who are white supremacists who support Donald Trump and who support like Breitbart or Steve Bannon. But —

WARREN: Come on.

COOPER: Well, I mean —

WARREN: Are we really — I mean, Steve Bannon has certainly associated himself with white supremacists. Will you go that far?

COOPER: I mean, I don’t know that you can say, though, he’s a white supremacist.

WARREN: Well, he has associated himself with white supremacists, is that close enough? I mean, this is a guy whose appointment is applauded by the KKK. I mean, what Donald Trump is doing is he’s putting, so far, he has said that he’s going to go forward on bigotry and that he’s going to go forward on wall street insiders. And I think this is a real problem for the American people. I don’t think this is where the American people want to go. You know — END.

This back and forth is telling for a couple of important reasons. First, I’m not a huge fan of Anderson Cooper – ever since the Pulse nightclub shooting story, when he interviewed the Attorny General of my state, Florida, Pam Bondi, and proceeded to turn a tragic act of terrorism that happened in a gay nightclub into an argument about how he perceived she had handled gay rights issues previously. No correlation, plain and simple. However, I have to also say that on the whole, he is more balanced than most of his contemporaries at CNN, which is probably why he demonstrated something his cohorts do not: Journalistic Integrity. Which leads me to…my second point.

I want you to notice HOW Elizabeth Warren interjects the phrase “white supremacist” into the conversation. She doesn’t say “alledged”, she doesn’t say something tangential like “he has friends that are white supremacists”. She comes right out and says it like she was saying the alphabet and everyone knows that “J” is followed by “KLMNOP”. Only when Cooper pushes back with the phrase “there’s no evidence” of such, does she then modify her statement to include the idea that he has “associated” with people that are white supremacists. The old ‘Birds of a Feather’ argument, I guess.

Just to be clear, that same argument was shot down by the Left when it was used to point out that President Obama had attended the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright – and he had routinely been racist and anti-American in his flamboyant rhetoric.  Be aware that the Left has a very strict set of double standard when it comes to defining their “truth”.

On the subject of Stephen Bannon – I don’t know yet where I fall. There are some very strong voices in his corner that refute such claims and say he is none of the things the left is attributing to him. I have, however, heard people that have worked with him that say he is not a very nice person in general and is a master manipulator. That worries me more than the label-assigning that the Left has taken up in an attempt to shape public opinion. I don’t think we are ever going to see Bannon in a public way, so unless he steps on a land mine, politically speaking, his name should not be in the public conscious much longer. I just want to be sure that if he does indeed have the ear of the most powerful man in the world, that his counsel is measured and bereft of any ill will to any of my fellow citizens. Thanks to Anderson Cooper for being courageous enough to call out Sen. Warren for her mischaracterization.



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