The DNC Problems Keep on Keepin’ On….

So, we spoke before about Keith Ellison, the looney congressman from Minnesota – the one that some people in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) think will be a good successor to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (you remember her, right? The one that torpedoed Bernie Sanders so effectively by rigging the primaries behind his back). So, now it appears that Ellison wants to be a Congressman AND the DNC Chair – despite the fact that their charter calls for the Chair to be ‘full-time’. Ellison, apparently, feels that since Wasserman-Schultz was granted an exception, he should as well. It appears that members of the DNC disagree – wanting the next chair to focus his/her energy on the position.

Personally, I can’t see why Ellison would even be in the running, considering his bizarre comments in the past and his racially divisive views. The only conclusion I can come to is (a) not a lot of people want the job right now, especially facing the next four years and (b) Ellison ‘looks’ like the face of the Democratic party that they’d like to be seen looking like. He’s a black man, he converted to Islam and he’s from a non-traditional state. In other words, they’re picking based on the color of his skin, rather than the content of his character. Nice.

I’m consistently amazed at how Steve Bannon is labeled a “racist” without so much as a comment in support of that notion, yet people on the left with well documented racist views are considered mainstream. Newsflash: Want to end racism? Start by ending racism in your own house, Dems.

Best case scenario is that Ellison DOES get the job, then keeps his seat in Congress as well. Between that and Nancy Pelosi’s latest comments that the Left does “not need a new direction”, the midterm elections should be a slaughter for the Democrats…..



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