A Dangerous Game

There are bad actors on the Left (and I don’t mean George Clooney et al) that are fomenting all sorts of crazy notions since they lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump. First, the whole Jill Stein recount kerfuffle. That’s been shown to be going nowhere, even if they perform recounts in various states. Then, there was the unproven conspiracy theory of Russian hacking of voting machines – bolstered, they say, by discrepancies between counties that used paper ballots and ones that used electronic voting machines. That went nowhere. Then came the pronouncements of so called “Sanctuary Cities” that they would never allow the federal government to dictate to them what they do with illegal immigrants (no surprise that these are all in heavily blue cities, they’re hoping to grab votes – legal or otherwise). When that failed to generate any sort of response from the Right, the Left Wingnuts started to get desperate. So desperate, in fact, that they are now willing to foment civil war within the United States.

Time magazine announced today that Donald Trump is their “Man of the Year“. No doubt, he was the clear choice – for many reasons, not the least of which he (unexpectedly) won the election. What I found a bit curious was their wording “President of the Divided States of America”. Surly, the nation was ‘divided’ when George Bush beat Al Gore in 2000? I would argue the nation was even divided when President Obama won the election in 2008 – even though he won a majority of the popular vote in doing so. So, is the nation really more “divided” than normally? Personally, I don’t think so – but then again, I don’t listen to the media hysterics….preferring to put my ear to the ground and listen to the average man and woman. I don’t find any more division than usual – at least not among us non Elites. So, they worded the cover that way either because (A) They’re typical Media-types that live in the echo chamber of their own kind or (B) They know something that we don’t….yet. That something may very well be an impending Civil War.

The Left is scared. I’m not talking about their most loyal, brainwashed followers, either. I’m talking about the Elites that run the far Left. Not even just Democrats – but real nutty types. The George Soros types in the world. They really, really, really believed that they were at the apex of a decades long progression of Progressive ideals being rolled out to the masses. They envisioned such changes, for such a long time, that extricating them from our national identity would no longer be possible. We would have been fundamentally changed into their vision of America. Trump inconveniently torpedoed that effort. Now, there is real panic at some levels. So much so, that there is seditious talk being openly bantered about. Talk about Electors not voting for who their constituents voted for. Talk about states like California seceding from the Union (for the record, though, this is nothing new – in 2012 numerous state populaces started petitions to leave and form their own nations). Let’s for one minute imagine what would happen IF electors vacated their duties and thwarted the will of the people: Chaos. Confusion. Riots. Bloodshed. Armed revolt. Eventually, Civil War between Red States and Blue States. If you think that the government of the good state of Texas or Florida or Georgia or any of the other red states would allow such an underhanded transition of power within the federal government, you are mistaken. While it’s not unusual for the losing side of an election to be disappointed….even pissed….this is reaching a new level. A level where the rules don’t matter – only the outcome. Where the End justifies the Means. All before the man is even sworn in to office.

I could almost understand the angst IF the man had come out immediately after the election and said “paybacks a bitch”. Or if he came out with a hit-list of personal enemies he was going to take out. If he had said he was going to pass his agenda unilaterally, or picked whackos for cabinet positions. Or made some sort of crazy conspiracy theory statements about the end of the world being nigh. Then, and only then, could I see people being genuinely ‘afraid’ of the outcome of Trump Presidency. But that is NOT the case. The real reason is that people don’t like (a) the fact they lost (b) the fact that their progressive agenda will not be advanced and that (c) they’re going to have to actually follow the laws of the country in which they choose to reside. Period. Nothing else.

Every election cycle, one side or the other goes through some sort of mourning phase wherein they come to grips with reality and adjust accordingly. The Left seems to have lost their collective ability to accept any reality except their own version of it. That’s a shame for them. Because life has shown us time and again that whatever fails to adapt fails to survive. For the past eight years, Republicans have had to adapt to an Obama Presidency and a Progressive agenda – which they did rather well. Holding on to majorities in both houses, as well as most state Governorships. Now that the shoe is on the other foot – Democrats want to take their ball and bat and go home. Just remember, at some point, the Right will lose an election and you will have laid the groundwork for a new benchmark in defeatist opposition. Think carefully before you act – you will at some point regret it.


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