Trump’s pace is exhausting…and it’s only Wednesday…..

I feel bad for the far-left of the Democratic Party. First, a bruising rebuke in both the Presidential and state elections. Then, the ramping up of rhetoric and fear mongering goes nowhere. The steady repudiation of groups like Black Lives Matter. The methodical, intelligent choices of cabinet members by the Trump transition team. The media being shut out by the incoming administration that appears more and more willing to go directly to the people. A recount effort that has made no gains and is increasingly viewed by the populace as a poorly veiled publicity stunt, orchestrated by sore losers. State legislatures in deep-blue enclaves like San Francisco and Chicago that have failed to generate hysteria despite their “sky-is-falling” pronouncements based on campaign rhetoric. Liberal colleges and universities showing their true colors of intolerance and reactionary thinking, demonstrating (once again) the failures of our education system on a national level. And we still have more than a month to go before Trump is even on the job. I predict the Left wing will wear themselves out of existence if he keeps up this pace.

A few quick hits from this week (only through Tuesday, mind you):

SoftBank, Japan, pledged to invest 50 BILLION dollars into the U.S. economy and create 50,000 new jobs. I can’t remember the last time (or the first time, for that matter) President Obama had such a pronouncement.

The Washington Post and a few others are getting hysterical now about the possibility of so many ex-military men in the administration. Seriously? This is not a banana-republic. Our military officers are no different than any other sector’s professionals, except they happen to coordinate for the Department of Defense instead of the Private Sector. Trump likes efficiency and a clear chain of command. Former military fit perfectly. For all of those naysayers, check and see how long they served in the military and how successful they were. So much for “Hire a Vet…”, huh?

Speaking of a hysterical media, they attempted (unsuccessfully) to conflagrate the call received from the President of Taiwan into one of two possible narratives: (A) That this was a major shift in U.S. foreign policy toward Taiwan and therefore, China or (B) That Trump and his team made a faux-paus by accepting the call in the first place (this storyline quickly went away). Trump ignored the controversy and quickly moved on to important matters.

Lastly, the Carrier deal. Another victory (both in terms of P.R. and for the workers whose jobs were saved) for the incoming administration and a clear signaling to the private sector that this administration isn’t just saying the right things, they’re putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Do you remember what President Obama’s signature moment was in the beginning days of his administration? The Beer-Can Summit. If you don’t remember it – here’s a primer for you:

I’m already exhausted. Look for the President-Elect to keep hitting, hard, wherever he can so that when he takes to reigns on Day One, the full weight and authority of this office will be on display both domestically and abroad. Something we haven’t seen in quite some time.


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