He Said, She Said, Ze Said….

Vladimir Putin has got to be laughing himself to sleep every night. He’s front and center in our news cycle now,  being made into a mythological figure in international circles. The one thing that Putin desires is respect. The respect that he feels Russia lost when the Soviet Union broke up and the USSR was diminished to selling military hardware on the black market to pay their soldiers. Russia has never been known as a hotbed of technology, let’s be honest. From rockets exploding on the launch pad to poorly made cars – you certainly take your life in your hands when dealing with Russian technology. In fact, until this newest media red-meat news cycle about “Russian Hacking”, our current President seemed little concerned at all.

We’re now hearing that James Comey (infamous FBI director), told President-Elect Trump that (a) there was no credible evidence that Russia was directly involved, that (b) James Clapper, director of National Intelligence agreed with this assessment, that (c) only John Brennan, director of the CIA disagreed – and Comey is said to have stated :“ Brennan takes his marching orders from President Obama”.  Comey went on to say that he thought the leaks to the New York Times / Washington Post were a Democratic Party attempt to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump.

At least I can sleep better at night if this information is correct – knowing that Donald Trump wasn’t coming up with his own late-night conclusions on the hacking scandal. Although the fact that our intelligence agencies are coming to very different conclusions is disconcerting, although really to be expected in a case like this one. What I find truly disingenuous are the reports where they try and assign a motive for the hacking, referring to anonymous sources, etc. That’s spurious at best and ridiculous at worst.

Bottom line: The U.S. Government has been hacked before, private companies are hacked regularly, even private individuals. Rarely, if ever, is there conclusive evidence of who did what. Without a smoking gun – clear and irrefutable evidence (like Putin admitting he did it) – then it is irresponsible and dangerous to make accusations. Especially when those accusations point a finger at a nuclear power we are on the precipice of a falling-out with. We don’t need another Cold War. We need to move forward, lock our emails down and stop whining.


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