Left Wing Media Fans Racism Flames Yet Again

In case you needed reminding, here’s the Left Wings’ Narrative: Donald Trump Won Because Of (Fill In The Blank With Your Choice Of Deplorable Type). The latest version of idiocy comes from Slate magazine in an article wherein the author asserts Dylan Roof and Donald Trump are “brothers in white resentment”, aka racists. Try and follow the ‘logic’.

Dylann Roof, the deranged 22 year old that murdered 9 black people during a church prayer service, was recently convicted on all nine counts and is currently awaiting sentencing. Roof has been described as a ‘self-radicalized’ white supremacist, meaning he didn’t follow the teachings of one particular person or group, but rather through the wonder that is the internet, was able to find ‘evidence’ that bolstered his festering beliefs. He visited various white supremacist sites, googled statistics, then put it all together in his mind into a manifesto, of sorts. Concluding that there was an epidemic of ” brutal black on white murders” that were being covered up and Roof needed to bring attention to it.

Okay, the writer of the article in question, Jamelle Bouie, attempts the following logic algebra: (A) Trump wants to ‘Make America Great Again’. We all ‘know’ that by ‘America’, he really means ‘White America’. (B) Dylann Roof imagined himself as a ‘race warrior’,  who wanted a ‘White America’. (C) Donald Trump and Dylann Roof are (I think) both white. See the connection! Gasp!

The sad part is that this is a real publication (Slate). This is an author that (presumably) gets paid real money to write. In order to reach the conclusions put forth, requires one to ignore reality at almost every turn. Donald Trump is as far from a racist as you can get – he did more outreach to the black community during his campaign than any Republican candidate in recent memory. He pledged to help rebuild our crumbling inner cities, rightly pointing out what we all see, but the Left refuses to admit, that they are crime ridden graveyards of decades worth of failed liberal policies. His economic plans will help create jobs – real jobs – not ‘hope’ for jobs. His strengthening of immigration is not based in xenophobia, but rather in making sure we only get the very best immigrants while continuing to protect our citizens domestically. With a strengthened immigration policy, comes a decrease in illegal drugs crossing our now porous borders. That, too, will help build our inner cities, by putting less young men and women in prison or the graveyard.  In fact, if anyone is a white supremacist, and they had half a brain (they don’t, btw), then they would have voted for Hillary Clinton – she was much more racially divisive and would have continued the decline in race relations we’ve seen over the past eight plus years. About the only connection Donald Trump actually has is that he’s white…and in the mind of liberals, that’s enough.

Look, it’s up to us – clear minded, open minded people – to reject the narratives that the Left is trying to put forth. They tried during the election, and were rejected. They will continue to do so. They are (in my opinion) a danger to the country – not necessarily in what they say – but rather by being so blatantly false, they serve to sow immense distrust in the public mind toward the media. When the media is telling the truth, it gets drowned out by all the past lies. I honestly believe that if Woodward and Bernstein had published their Watergate findings against the backdrop of today’s media, it would have been shrugged off by the public. And that, my friends, is the real shame.



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