Why the Women’s March on Washington was a Failure

The day after the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, organizers held a “Women’s March on Washington”. Hundreds of thousands participated in the event in D.C. as well as perhaps a million more throughout the country in regional events. The event was held in an organized, peaceful manner – unlike the few J20 protesters from the day before that attempted to disrupt the inauguration through violence. The crowds of mostly women carried signs, chanted and listened to speeches from the usual suspects. Chelsea Handler, Madonna and the like. In addition, a few media savvy politicians, like Bill DeBlasio from New York, seized upon the opportunity to announce various political machinations in an attempt to capitalize on the media scrum. All-in-all, the event went off without a hitch and was well attended. So, one would assume, it was a success, correct? Well, if you did assume that, then you’d be wrong – and here’s why.

So, let’s start with the rallying point: Washington D.C. Then we can also include large marches in New York City. Chicago. Portland. Philadelphia. Too many places in California to enumerate. Boston. Does this list sound familiar? It centers around those places that voted…you guessed it….Democratic in the 2016 election. Even before Hillary Clinton had ‘won’ her parties nomination through cheating the system – this is the same group that was lined up behind her primarily because of her gender (also better know as ‘sexism’ – it works both ways in case you didn’t know). This march was not so much like similar marches in the past – centering around wage inequality or gender discrimination – but rather a hodgepodge of disparate issues lumped together under the umbrella of “We Lost the Election and We Are Angry”. Sure, every one of the marchers had his or her own reason for being involved and many (I would assume) were there for the right reasons. Unfortunately, the loudest voices in the crowd – people like Madonna – exemplify exactly all of the reasons that Hillary lost the election (which you can look up in any myriad of places – I don’t need to enumerate them here).

So, without a unifying message (‘Women’s Rights” is not a message) that is specific, definable and achievable, then ultimately, this will simply be seen as a bunch of angry feminists unable to accept results of an election they don’t like. As much as I think President Trump’s inauguration speech was a wasted opportunity to allay many fears on the Left, so too was this event a colossal failure in that it achieved nothing other than the one thing that the Left needs less of: Hearing themselves. Furthermore, the one thing they need more of, speaking to the Right and being heard in terms they understand, there was far too little of.

The facts are simple: You’ve had eight years of Obama to fix all of the social woes in the world, either through executive fiat or judicial action. If there are still ails that woe us, then it speaks volumes about his administration and nothing (yet) about President Trump. Will there be changes – small in most peoples estimates – to certain issues that Left Wingers will think are regressive? Yes. Abortion will become more restrictive. Planned Parenthood will have to move forward without federal government assistance. But the ridiculous, sky-is-falling nonsense spouted by the Alt-Left is nothing more than propaganda for the uninformed. Overturning of Roe v. Wade. Outlawing abortion. Tolerance of sexism. Lost gains in the area of Pay Equality for Women.None of these are areas supported by the majority of Republicans or Independents.

Ultimately, if you want your voices to be heard, then you need to go back to the drawing board, sharpen your message, choose new messengers (please) and focus on what IS, not what you perceive will be. Only then will you be speaking in the same frequency that the electorate is tuned to.


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