Women’s March and BLM…What Do They Have in Common?

Well, aside from the obvious: They are both protests organized for their respective ‘purposes’. It would also seem obvious (at least to me) that they are also both newly aligned against a Trump administration, claiming that they have either misogynistic tendencies or are racist. Yeah, those old Democratic foils again. Those claims never get old, do they? *Sigh*.

It now appears that both the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter have a deeper connection than previously thought – and it’s through everyone’s favorite “smoking man” (reference to the X-Files) George Soros. Play evil music here.

Turns out there is a very interesting article that was published by the New York Times (Gasp! What!?! The NYT’s doing actual journalism?!) examining the link between major groups under the Women’s March umbrella and Soros funding. Rather than paraphrase the article, just go read the link and see for yourself:


So, what is the concern about Soros and what he is doing? Nothing, really. Unless you try and hide the fact that it really is an organized arm of his personal social machinations and by hiding that fact, you attempt to portray these events as something they are not: Namely, a grassroots ground swell of public outrage in one form or another. Instead, they are just like the most vociferous faces of the Left: Actors on a stage that are bought and paid for to play a role. This is no Tea Party movement, for sure. This is simply what many on the Right recognize it as: A mass of disgruntled people with no clear solutions who simply want to push forward an unrealistic agenda disguised as “obvious truth”.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There is room for a middle ground solution on abortion, and it will (hopefully) be reached soon. It will not please the Alt-Left or the Alt-Right (if there are even such things), but if they are both angered by it, that should tell us we are on the right path. Abortion on Demand is not going to happen. Neither is repeal of Roe v. Wade. Individual states are going to have more say in their rules on the subject and the federal government is going to get out of the business of abortion. Most Republican’s are in favor of federally funded birth control, namely because it saves money in the long run: Unwanted children are expensive to finance as a country. While there are moral and religious considerations, it’s the lesser of two evils when you factor in abortion as the alternative.

Someone much wiser than me recently pointed out that the Left is governed by “Emotion over Intellect” and that as a result, they will continue to lose elections until that changes. Nothing I saw this past weekend has changed my point of view – and THAT should be the purpose of any purposeful protest.



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