The more that complain: The more you know you’re right.

So, the President of the United States signed a number of executive actions this week, any one of which can be discussed  at length for their controversial nature. From border security to international relations, President Trump is doing something no politician in recent memory has done: Keeping his promises, like it or not.

The most recent one, and perhaps the most controversial to date, is the promise he made over and over again on the campaign trail: Restricting travel access to persons traveling from any of 7 countries targeted for their ties to terrorism.One the surface, it seems like a simple (and logical) enough idea. If this were an epidemic outbreak that occurred in a set number of countries, no one would blink an eye if we restricted access from those places. No one would carp about immigration issues or individual rights. Everyone would look at the situation and see it as a no-brainer. That’s how I see it. Apparently, the President as well. Not so much with the left wing, however.

As I’ve said time and time again: It’s easy to be a liberal. Give everything away. Make stuff free. Address difficult issues with simplistic feel-good ‘solutions’ that don’t work and then blame the failed outcome on the Right. Keep up until the world descends into chaos. This executive order was not a step anyone should have to take. It is the result of at least eight years of poor decision making by the U.S. government that was neither responsible nor forward thinking. It was an action that we were forced to take to pump the brakes on an out of control system that has no verifiable outcomes. It may work great. Or it may not. We don’t know because there is no way of really knowing, and that is simply unacceptable. When you look at this with a dispassionate view, you see the folly in what we’ve been doing and the seeds of our own destruction being advertised throughout the world.

One way you can tell that this is a good move is the reaction of the left-wing media, which is now grasping even further afield into the tech media, if you can believe it. Sites such as and, both tech news sites, are openly pushing an anti-administration agenda under the guise of “these executive actions affect tech companies, so it is within our purview to discuss”. Wrong. If you are a tech site, and you feel that these issues have an impact on that sector, I have no problem with you reporting on them. However, I have a huge problem with you making pronouncements as if they are fact when they are actually opinion. For example, the mythical “Doomsday Clock” was moved closer to midnight recently. Web site “” reported it thusly: “The Doomsday Clock is the closest to midnight since 1953“. So far, so good. Factual. Logical and Truthful. End it there. Instead they added the subtitle: “While Trump fiddles on Twitter, the planet inches closer to burning“. WTF? You just had to add the commentary that is raw left-wing opinion, didn’t you? Couldn’t stick to the facts and let the readers make up their own minds, could you? Nope.

Well, folks, just let it set in that when you see opinion masquerading as fact, you can’t trust anything that they say moving forward. Sad to say. I like both and, but not for their witty political satire or commentary. That’s not their thing and they shouldn’t attempt to make it so. In reality, it just goes to show you how truly panicked the left-wing media are, that they are calling up anyone that has a readership to attempt to poison the well against the President of the United States of America. Don’t believe it and make up your own mind.



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