Why Trump is right and everyone else is wrong.

President Trump completed his first full work week with his most controversial executive order to date: The temporary ban on travel for persons hailing from one of 7 previously named countries that have been considered state sponsors of terrorism. Like any immediate change to existing rules, there was some confusion in the implementation and some persons arriving back in to the U.S. were detained pending clarification. Still more that are outside the U.S. are in limbo now that the 4 month ban is in place. As expected – there has been a hue and cry not just from the leftists in our own country, but from those in others as well.Nancy Pelosi poetically referred to “tears streaming down the face of Lady Liberty” in New York harbor. “Trump really is a sickening piece of work” came from the U.K. via M.P. Sarah Wollaston.

What makes these remarks so ridiculous is that this is a TEMPORARY ban, put in place until new vetting procedures can be properly implemented, not a permanent solution of any kind. These persons so vociferously complaining won’t be silenced until the next World Trade Center attack. You’ll remember back to 9/11/2001, when emergency actions were put into place in the U.S. to safeguard her citizens. Remember the little thing called the Patriot Act? Where was the hue and cry when individual liberties were trampled in the name of the greater good? Crickets. How about ‘detentions’ at Guantanamo Bay? Rendition of suspects to countries where torture is not unusual? Crickets and Crickets. But now, when the threat from terrorism seems a distant memory – it’s easy to protest from the relative safety of one’s couch, not worried about going out and not returning. The unfortunate truth is that until there is another 9/11 (God Forbid) there will be these people that feel it’s worse to inconvenience someone than to potentially allow the slaughter of innocent lives. Those are the people that are truly “sickening pieces of work” to borrow a phrase from Ms. Wollaston.

For now, everyone needs to focus on the word “temporary” and ratchet it down a notch or two. We have always had immigration controls. Many of those controls are considered unfair to one group or another. In fact, America’s immigration system is a byzantine labyrinth of conflicting rules and regulations. Just ask any immigrant. By placing a temporary ban, it does not mean we’ve turned our back on immigrants, or our core values. It simply means Plan “A” was not working, so we need to go to Plan “B”. Now, what that plan will look like has yet to be determined – and it may very well excite the same kind of complaints we are seeing now – but that’s an argument for a later day. For now, there was really only one action the President could take to keep American’s safe – and he took that action is the least intrusive way possible. Simmer down.

UPDATE: Those wishing to contact Dr. Sarah Wollaston directly may do so at: sarah.wollaston.mp@parliament.uk.


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