When you know your cause is lost: Hollywood tweets in.

So, it’s official. President Trump has been chastised by none other than the reigning queen of….well, what we’re not quite sure, but I certainly hear her name mentioned a lot (Robyn Fenty…although you may know her by her middle name ‘Rihanna’ ) and I enjoy her music. So, based on those qualifications, it seems that she has taken the time to review the executive action temporarily banning immigration from 7 countries, consider it carefully, and weigh in with her personal expertise thusly: “The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!”.  Devastation? Really? Inconvenience – absolutely. Difficulty – without a doubt. Even in some circumstances, this action could be Life Changing in that it could effect one financially by keeping them abroad for an extended period. But ‘devastating’?  Absurd. “America is being ruined” and “immoral pig”? Seriously? This is what happens when you allow yourself to (a) never consider both sides of an argument fairly and (b) only debate issues with people that either agree with you or think you are too moderate in your support of the same ideas. This is why the entire state of California is slowly sinking below the waves of no-return: They are one giant echo chamber with no counterpoint to their beliefs.

Compare her response to Bobby Jindal, former Governor of Louisiana and child of immigrant parents: “President Trump is exactly right, and let’s be clear what his policy does — all he’s saying from these seven countries, we’re going to vet folks who want to come into our country and make sure they’re not here to do us harm,” Jindal said. “That’s just common sense.“. What!?! “Common Sense”? That moniker really needs to be changed to “Uncommon Sense”, IMHO. Jindal went on the say: “These are seven countries where there’s a significant radical Islamic terrorist threat. It just makes common sense we’d want to make sure these folks wanting to come and kill Americans and inflict terrorist attacks here in the homeland” are prevented from gaining entry.

The bottom line is that we can no longer tolerate the vocal minority of Hollywood, the Mainstream Media and Academia from dictating the agenda for America. We need to exercise rational thought and make difficult decisions – the key reasons that Donald Trump has been successful in his career and the reasons that President Trump was elected in the first place. If he has to be the “bad guy” to the Leftists, than he is more than willing to dive in to the role as long as it means making America successful and safe in the long run.

Lastly, everyone should be reminded of the hypocrisy of those currently complaining the loudest. In 2011, then-President Obama placed a temporary moratorium on visas for Iraqi’s for 6 months. Where were the protests? Where were the “tears streaming down the face of Lady Liberty” (to quote Nancy Pelosi the other day)? Where were the Hollywood Elites penning the eulogies for America? Crickets. Nowhere. Look up the word “Hypocrite” and you might very well see a picture of Rihanna. Right next to Nancy Pelosi.


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