The Left Keeps Piling On….As They Should…..

So, the hits just keep on coming: Little known “Acting Attorney General of the United States” (yes, apparently there is such a thing) Sally Yates, is telling her department to not defend the Trump Administration on the issue of the temporary immigration ban. Ms. Yates, a holdover from the previous administration, will be without a job as soon as the Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as the A.G. What better way to ingratiate yourself with like-minded Leftists than to make just such a proclamation. Your job is already lost, might as well go out with a bang, right?

So, if you’re keeping score: We’ve got ‘thousands’ of protestors (presumably spontaneous, although highly suspect) showing up at airports around the country. We’ve got Chuck Schumer ‘crying’ at a press conference. We’ve got lawsuits from every corner being filed. We’ve got the Democrats filing bills in objection. We’ve even got the Leftists in OTHER countries adding their plaintive wails to the chorus of “The Sky Is Falling!”.

Who is the one group that we are NOT hearing from? The bad guys. Because they’re sitting back and doing one of two things. One, they’re watching all of this in amazement, wondering how they’ve lucked into such good fortune: To have the very people they seek to murder indiscriminately, attempt to tear down the safeguards their own government put in place to protect them. Either that or they are laughing at our foolishness and naivete – wondering how it is that this ridiculous mass of humanity has managed to become one of the pre-eminate world superpowers…but not for long, if they have their way. They’re cheering on the Leftists, chanting along with them. Plotting. Planning. Waiting.

The cynical side of me says trash the new regulations. Throw open the doors to Sanctuary Cities and States that want them. Repeat the mistakes of the Mariel Boat Lift in 1980. Ever see ‘Scar Face’? Didn’t end well for Miami for over a decade. Let San Francisco and New York City experience what they already did and sow the fruits of their protesting. Their tunes will change in short order. (I’d included Chicago in that list, but I can’t see how terrorists could do much worse than the denizens of that city already have).

I started by saying that the Left was piling on and that they should. Why? Because we would do the same thing in their position. President Trump made rookie mistakes (hopefully not to be repeated). He did NOT confer with everyone he should have in the administration. He did not think through all of the consequences of his action. Even if an error can be quickly amended, the political fallout can be much, much worse than the actual impact. Optics. When you elect a person that is NOT a politican, who has no political experience and who is supremely self confident, you are going to have this kind of learning curve. There is a reason that administrations don’t go at this break-neck pace, even after a much less contentious election. The Left is piling on because they can; Because you gave them an opening and they took it, swiftly and decisively.

Ultimately, I have very little doubt that, even in this climate, Trump will prevail. Prevail both in the U.S. courts as well as the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, it will take time, it will be (mostly) boring, and it won’t be reported when he is victorious. The Left will have moved on to the next rallying point – with all of the usual suspects. If that’s allowed to happen, and if they continue to be allowed to frame and dictate the debate (aka ‘Muslim Ban’, ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Hands Up – Don’t Shoot!’, etc) then we will continue to lose the optics battle. All the Left wants now to complete their framed picture is Police rolled out in riot gear, water cannons and police dogs. Then they can claim it’s Selma 1965 all over again.


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