Where has all of this ‘moral indignation’ been hiding?

If you turn on the news most any evening now, you’ll be assaulted by images of throngs of people protesting something. They’re at the Inauguration of the President. They’re in cities the next day protesting the Inauguration, under the guise of something about ‘women’. They’re at airports protesting something about immigrants – they’re really not sure what, but they don’t like it (because it came from this administration). Always seems like the same people. Always seems like the same places. So, I ask myself, where has all of this boiled over anger and indignation been hiding? Let’s go back a little bit and I’ll show you.

If you are in your late twenties to early thirties, you’ve known two, possibly three Presidents. That’s all. You knew Barack Obama and you were fed a daily diet of media and Hollywood adulation. If your parents or circle were not more right than left, then you would have gotten zero exposure to alternative view points. You simply wouldn’t have known that they existed. You would also have known President George W. Bush. Not as well as Obama, for sure, but you lived through his presidency. And what do you remember about those times? War protestors. Recriminations against the administration for ‘lying’ about WMD’s. A press that had disdain for Bush and outright contempt for his administration principals, namely Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Nothing good ever happened. Until, of course, Barack Obama – then it was all sunshine and roses.

Now, you face the first ‘test’ of which direction this country will be headed. Either back to the Republicans and the “Dark Years” or forward into the land of “Hope and Change, Part Deux” with Hilary Clinton, shattering yet another barrier of equality – Gender. Yay! Who would possibly not vote for such a promising, bright future, right?! Full steam ahead!

Then, it happens. It all crashes down. You are left in a tailspin. Your entire world is in chaos and pandemonium. What will happen?! How could this happen? This MUST be a mistake, right? I will NOT accept this outcome – #NotMyPresident! Except, this has actually happened to you before. In fact, it happened just a few months prior. When it was demonstrated (by the Russians, apparently) that Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party were colluding to squeeze out everyone’s favorite nutty socialist, Bernie Sanders. So why no protests? Why no riots? Why no moral indignation against the establishment that had shown it was NOT for the people, by the people, but rather for itself?

Because you are lemmings that only do as you’re told by the Establishment. They told you to sit down, shut up and take it, and you did. They stole the election, and you accepted it. Even your hero, Bernie Sanders, didn’t make much of a stink. Can you imagine for one minute if that had happened in the Republican primaries? There would have been outright revolt, no matter who it happened to. The difference is that a tendency of the Right is toward self-determination and responsibility. Hallmarks of which include not following the party line, blindly, but rather making up ones own mind. I know that goes against what you THINK you stand for – but if you just look at that one moment in time, that defining moment when the election was stolen from you and you did nothing. Hell, you even re-elected Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to her seat in Congress! Shameful, in my opinion.

It just seems to me from my vantage point that you should have some degree of consistency in your moral compass. You should be able to apply your logic to different circumstances and not always come out with the same answer: That you’re right and everyone else is wrong. Doesn’t it bother you when Democrats in Congress are saying they won’t go along with anything that Trump does? That they will block his Supreme Court Nominee, no matter who that is? Doesn’t that strike you as just a childish, sour-grapes mentality? Republicans in Congress certainly developed an obstructionist attitude AFTER they were relegated to the sidelines and no serious efforts to engage them in bipartisan efforts was undertaken. Remember “You’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it…” and Harry Reid invoking the ‘nuclear option’?

Let me just close this by saying that Harry Reid is a perfect reminder, to both Democrats and Republicans alike, of what our political landscape is becoming. Harry Reid took great pleasure in acknowledging his willingness to lie in order to get what he wanted. He invoked the ‘nuclear option’ knowing that he (and Obama) would not be there to face the consequences of that decision. He felt the end always justified the means and he lived his long political career by that mantra. We’re all still here, though, and now, we have to deal with the aftermath of governance in that manner. Looking ahead, do we want whichever party is in the majority clubbing the other repeatedly? Do we want the minority party simply acting as a foil to everything the other party undertakes? Will that be effective governance or just a ping-pong match which takes us left to right back to left again, never really moving forward?

Actions have consequences. Protests have consequences. Not showing up for committee meetings to discuss cabinet nominees in an attempt to be childishly obstructionist has consequences. Saying you won’t go along with ‘anything’ a sitting President does no matter how it may benefit the country certainly has consequences. The Republicans may be the majority party right now, and all of these ideas may seem great right now, but that will change in the future. And all of the ‘good’ ideas that you are exercising right now won’t seem to good (and noble) when they’re being done to you. Fair warning.


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