I’ve often been amazed, when people have a vehement, hysterical reaction to something that seems like it wouldn’t normally be a big deal. Often, when you take the time to really examine the issue, you discover much more complicated issues that that group wants hidden for whatever reason. So, it’s been a week where three particular issues have caused (now) full blow panic among the most ardent of the Left, the Alt-Left, and it’s left me to wonder Why?

Three things happened this week: First, The Temporary Immigration Ban from 7 countries that were previously identified by the Obama administration as being of particular terrorist concern. Those 7 were all predominantly Muslim countries, leading to some referring to it as a “Muslim Ban”. That caused protestors to show up at airports with signs. In addition, due mostly to the Left’s insistence on calling it a “Muslim Ban”, it caught the attention of the Left worldwide as well as Muslim countries in general, both of which don’t have the benefit of a counterbalance in terms of Right leaning media. In other words, they get one story and that’s the ‘truth’ as far as they can tell.

Second, there was a ‘speech’ scheduled for the U.C. Berkley campus by the MILO. If you don’t know who he is, I guess you can google him, but the simple fact of the matter is that he is an agitator and self-promoter who is given to ridiculous rhetoric designed to do nothing other than make Alt-Leftists loose their minds. And loose them, they did…setting the campus on fire, assaulting people and destroying various and sundry property. In reality, if you simply ignored him (like the rest of us do), then he would cease to exist. Simple. There will always been nutty people like this around, and the First Amendment will protect their right to say vile things. Throw temper-tantrums like this, however, and you are inadvertently playing right into his hands, as well as weakening the First Amendment (which I would think is one of his ultimate objectives).

Lastly, President Trump gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. During that speech, he voiced his opposition to the “Johnson Amendment” – the legislation that prohibits religious groups (all tax-exempt non-profits) from directly or indirectly participating in a politicians campaign. There are a number of very valid reasons why we would NOT want the amendment repealed from the tax-code, the biggest one in my opinion, is that it would serve to eventually turn churches into Super-PAC’s, focusing much of their efforts on fundraising and campaigning. My guess is that instead of attempting to curtail Super-PAC’s (which would be a much more complicated and difficult task) he’s instead attempting to counterbalance the issue by introducing a new heavyweight into the fight. Of course, like everything, there are potential pitfalls and could be unintended consequences.  Just like the first two issues – the Left HATES this one almost the most – religious groups are not traditionally their allies.

If you want proof of how the Left is loosing their minds over this, here are two headlines from just today: “Don’t be fooled by Trump’s Apprentice Prayer – our leader is a religious fanatic who will destroy our nation”. Wow. That’s kind of apocalyptic, no? “Religious Fanatic”?? Donald Trump may be lots of things, but “religious” doesn’t really come to mind. This is just the left loosing credibility…slowly…surely.

The next whacko statement comes from everyone’s favorite Democratic Pin-Up Girl – the one that told Bernie Sanders supporters to “grow up” after finding out the primary election had been rigged against him – Sarah Silverman. Here’s her tweet: “WAKE UP AND JOIN THE RESISTANCE ONCE THE MILITARY IS WITH US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING AND HIS HANDLERS GO BYE-BYE”. Holy crap! Calling for armed revolt against the U.S. government!? This must be more of the unification that President Obama talks about having crafted over the past 8 years. Sure looks pretty unified to me. Yikes.




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