I May Have Been At Least Partly Wrong About Steven Bannon.

So, it never fails me. I write something, looking at all the available data – and the next day there’s all new data contravening what I thought yesterday. With that in mind – I wanted to put this out there to get ahead of the curve. Steve Bannon’s recorded comments were recently ‘unearthed’ (this is 2017 – we’re not talking about the Zapruder Film, here folks…where has this stuff been?) and I’m not pleased with some of them.

First of all, in his previous life as a private individual and head of a fairly far right-wing publication, I expected some of this. In fact, truth be told, this is pretty much exactly what I would have expected – not the racist, misogynistic, anti-semitic stuff they tried to hang on him, but rather the Ultra-Nationalist view points he seems to have espoused. I’ll link to an article that contains the recordings of podcasts from the past few years, but for the sake of brevity, let me sum it up thusly: I have not yet disagreed with the Trump administrations Temporary Immigration Ban, however, if Bannon’s beliefs that “…the United States and the Western world are engaged in a “global existential war,”and that George Bush’s comments that “Islam is peace” were “the dumbest” comments made by Bush during his presidency, then we have serious disconnect between his viewpoints and mine own. Hopefully, it’s also not President Trump’s. Don’t misunderstand me, I can see where one might come to those conclusions, but I would hope a sober examination of the facts would lead one to the conclusion that the VAST majority of the BILLION or so Muslims in the world are not supportive of a Jihadist attitude. Mr. Bannon needs to explain his past comments, in my opinion, and clarify his meaning.

I’m not going to put forth possible plausible arguments for what Steve Bannon meant. Neither am I going to make excuses for such comments, the same as I wouldn’t accept such excuses for the attendance of President Obama at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for all those years. All of that is up to Mr. Bannon, although I doubt very much that we will hear a peep from him about it. Which is really a travesty, because he has been elevated to positions by the President that demand accountability to and trust from, the American people.

President Trump is not a politician. That is perhaps the most important statement to understand about his presidency to date. You simply cannot apply the rules of perhaps a hundred years of political meaning to anything he does, either in his comments or in his administrations. Don’t underestimate the angst this causes both to institutions (like the Congress) and individuals, especially on the Left, where they are in the business of parsing the tea leaves on every minuscule issue. It also causes shock-waves in foreign governments, both allies and otherwise, as they come to terms with the fact that the old subtle signs and nuances no longer apply. If George Bush had taken a call from Taiwan’s President, it would have had very clear, unmistakable meaning, based on decades of complicated foreign policy strategy. Donald Trump: Not the same meaning whatsoever.So, with that understanding, I don’t think we can judge the position of a Steven Bannon in the administration as we might have done in the past. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the FINAL immigration orders from the administration. Just know that I’ll be looking for any influence that may be counterproductive to our national security and goals.



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