We’re more lost than we thought.

When George W. Bush won the election versus Al Gore, I was a reluctant Bush supporter. I had voted for Clinton both times and while I didn’t dislike Al Gore, he seemed a little too Pollyanna for me. After all of the legal challenges and hand-wringing was over, and George W. had finally been elected President some thirty days later, there was plenty of chatter from the Left that the election had been ‘stolen’. It took some time, but finally the chatter died down and then 9/11 happened and the rest is history.

Fast forward to the election of 2016 and I knew after Trump had won (much more decisively than Bush did in 2000, btw) that there would be similar contention and hand-wringing again from the Left. I was wrong. Not wrong about them being upset with the result, but in how far we erred in giving the Left the leeway that we have over the past 16 years, since that fateful election.

When the Left came in to power in 2008, we on the Right gave them their due. We said that we would open our minds and our hearts to the possibilities of a more progressive agenda. They promptly took that trust and beat us over the head with it – causing an almost immediate rollback of Congress in the mid-term elections, but the damage had been done. Not by the Congress, but by the titular heads of the Democratic Party, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and of course, Barack Obama. Obama in particular did the most damage because he was a likeable guy, with a nice smile and terrific oration skills. If we’ve learned nothing about ourselves in a post-Bill Clinton era, it’s that looks and charm go a long way nowadays. Obama, mostly through executive orders and through public favoritism, promoted a progressive agenda in mostly unseen ways (unseen because the mainstream media liked the changes so therefore did not cover them). Rules changes in regulatory agencies like the EPA, ATF, ICE, HHS, DOJ and the like. Appointment of federal justices with left leanings. Public adulation of Left-wing activists, while espousing a constant drum-beat of chastisement for the Right. After 8 years, those of us that are conservatives had mostly tuned it out. Not those on the Left, though. They thought their ideology was now carved in stone and it was who the country was. Wrong.

So, now the country has had a wake-up call. The Left has been put on notice that it strayed too far,  and despite the numerous Republican victories in the eight years President Obama was in office, they felt the country was not getting the message clearly enough. Now, that message has been delivered loud and clear, and we get our first clear look at how permissive we on the Right have been. Cities in open defiance of federal law. Lawmakers openly questioning the election of the President. College Campuses full of children with loud voices and nothing to say – throwing rocks and smashing windows like a troupe of savage animals. An entitled, spoiled, fearful, mob.

To make matters even worse, the most worried class is the government bureaucrats. When Trump won, it was on a mandate to reduce the size of the federal government and ‘drain the swamp’. Government employees, love ’em or hate ’em, are not big fans of Republicans by and large. They are seen as an overpaid, under-worked, privileged group that often has life-time jobs and handsome benefits. They don’t want to rock the boat. And then comes Trump. Unpredictable. Decisive. Bullish. There are resignations of senior level management (before they could be fired, one would guess). There is open defiance by the Acting-Attorney General. Now, a former Obama-Pentagon official, Rosa Brooks, is openly advocating for the idea of a possible military-coup against Donald Trump.Yes, you read that right. No, this is not some banana republic country we’re talking about. Said Parks: “Donald Trump’s first week as president has made it all too clear: Yes, he is as crazy as everyone feared…”.

This clearly demonstrates a few (horrifying) things. First, she uses very common language in making her statement. She is not using political speak, as is common among government officials. She is speaking, in fact, in the language of Trump. The very language and mannerism that she feels denotes him being ‘crazy’. In fact, nothing that Trump has done in the past two weeks is looked at oddly by anyone other than the Left. Trump has been saying for a year everything that he was going to do and the people listening all thought “good idea”. In fact, these same Leftists have been having hysterical reactions for that same period of time, only now they are ramping things up to all-time hysterical levels. Why? Because they see that things actually WILL change.

Let’s get back to her plain speak. This was not a mistake or an off-the-cuff remark. It was done exactly like this to attempt to ‘fight fire with fire’. If Trump is going to speak plainly, and disregard the carefully constructed double-speak of the political-class, then they will need to do the same thing in an attempt to strike a chord with regular folks. You know, people who don’t mind a temporary ban on un-vetted persons from terrorist hot-spots….that kind of ‘crazy’ notion. How do you do that? Well, the Left has been doing it using a three pronged approach: Hollywood, the Media and Academics. Combine those three and you have, basically, the power to craft an image and a script that looks – superficially at least – like the world is coming to an end and we all need to resist. In fact, it reads very much like H.G. Welles “War of the Worlds”, only the Right are the Aliens in their adaptation, and the Left are the good guys.

This is indeed a brave new world we are entering. It will forever change the political landscape in this country – hopefully for the better, ultimately. The Left has exposed themselves and we’ve seen how our permissiveness has led us to this point. Now is the time to roll back all of the overreach the left has wrought, both politically and socially. Not for us to be less compassionate as a country, but to be more responsible. Remember, it’s easy being a Liberal. You just say ‘yes’ to everything without regard for the consequences and you never accept responsibility when you are ultimately proven wrong. It’s hard being a Conservative. Especially now. But Conservatives need to listen carefully and look at the facts as compared to the histrionic reactions, and ask themselves, “what’s really motivating these responses“…..If you’re intellectually honest, you’ll see that there is a deeper, more insidious, plan at work on the Left. More on that to come.



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