The Lefts Hypocrisy Regarding Immigration.

So, a recent spate of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detentions and subsequent deportations sparked fear among illegal immigrant communities. Those fears were ratcheted up by irresponsible, half-baked reporting from numerous media outlets. When they finally were able to confirm with ICE officials, these were raids scheduled prior to the Trump administration, although the administrations new directive to actually adhere to the current law, meant more persons were deported than might have been previously. Of course, that was because the Obama administration, in it’s final year or so, only deported what it considered to be ‘violent’ felons. The actual law, passed by those people entrusted to do this kind of thing – you know, Congress – did not make any such distinction. President Obama, in classic overreach of the Executive, made up his own rules and ordered the relevant agencies to ignore the law.

So, we have an example of a sitting President IGNORING duly passed laws by Congress and creating his own de-facto laws through executive fiat. Can you imagine if President Trump did that? We’d be hearing non-stop about the ‘constitutional crisis’ we were facing. Millions of Leftists would be marching in the streets, burning down businesses and hurling rocks at police. It would be chaos. Where were these outraged moralists two years ago? Crickets. How many people are even aware that President Obama deported more people in his term than any other President in U.S. History? Again, where were the protests and the marches? Where were the tears from Chuch Schumer? Where was Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi? Where was Tim Cook of Apple bemoaning the policy and its deleterious effect on talent for the tech industry? Where? Again – *crickets*.

This creates and even bigger problem for the Left than they realize. In issuing all of these executive orders, and no one on the Left saying a peep, it clearly exposes not only their hypocrisy, but creates a precedent that President Trump can now follow. Much like the after effects of the Reid Rule, Democrats are laying land mines for their own future party members. These ‘shortcuts’ are circumventing the slow, deliberative roll of the Legislative Branch in favor of the lightning fast pace of the Executive branch – embracing a ‘sue-me’ attitude towards Congress and the states. Not helpful toward either party in the long run.


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